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Target Pledges $5 Million to Cybersecurity Education Following Cyber Attacks

Target is continuing its attempts to rebuild credibility following news that millions of its shoppers had their payment information stolen. In a press release, the retailer said it will draw on experts with the organizations to find ways to effectively educate consumers about the dangers of online threats, such as phishing scams. ...

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Homeland Security Expands Cybersecurity Program for College Students

A program created to engage top-notch college students in cybersecurity work is expanding, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The Secretary’s Honors Program Cyber Student Initiative, founded in April 2013 by then- Secretary Janet Napolitano, will select more than 100 students to work as volunteers in dozens of locations across the country in 2014. ...

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National Campaign Spotlights Critical Infrastructure

Imagine daily life without power plants and electrical grids, bridges and interstate highways, water systems and communications networks. Such infrastructure is the backbone of 21st century America, and officials say the U.S. economy and national security could be placed in peril if these systems were damaged or destroyed. That’s why the federal government has declared November as Critical Infrastructure Se ...

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Peace University Adds Criminal Justice Program

A North Carolina university has added a bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice that also will allow students to work shoulder-to-shoulder with law enforcement and public safety professionals. Students majoring in criminal justice at William Peace University must complete 18 credit hours of core courses, including Law and the Legal System, Psychology and the Law, Introduction to Criminal Justice and A ...

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