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Target Pledges $5 Million to Cybersecurity Education Following Cyber Attacks

Target is continuing its attempts to rebuild credibility following news that millions of its shoppers had their payment information stolen. In a press release, the retailer said it will draw on experts with the organizations to find ways to effectively educate consumers about the dangers of online threats, such as phishing scams. ...

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Feds Announce More Busts in Worldwide ATM Heists

Federal authorities have announced the arrests of five more suspects in an international cyber crime operation that pilfered $45 million from ATMs. Investigators said the latest defendants – Jose Angeley Valerio, Saul Franjul, Jaindhi Polanco, Saul Genao and Anthony Diaz – were part of the New York City cell of the organization. To date, more than a dozen people, including one who has since died and another ...

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Study Finds Cybersecurity Concerns at Major U.S. Ports

By: Todd Leskanic Major ports across the nation have few measures in place to guard against the potential for commerce-crippling cyber attacks, a new study has found. “In certain ports, a cyber disruption affecting energy supplies would likely send not just a ripple but a shockwave through the U.S. and even global economy,” U.S. Coast Guard Commander Joseph Kramek, the study’s author, wrote. Kramek noted th ...

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